REDHAA DGNN APA YGG TERJADI,,aku terimaa semua ini dgnn hati ygg ikhlass sygg..
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

:::: jar of heart ::::

so today,im feel like to speaking,,
why erk??
coz im GEDIK
feels satisfied with my word??
to my lovely enemies i wanna says something
so read this!! >.<

::here about i hate people mostly like::

p/s: siapa yg makn cili ,dier yg rase pedasnya>>>

*my blog is my blog i write when i feels wanna to write or update about MY LIFE..
listen carefully..about my life ok..
*that true i many enemies but i never get involed my self to be in with my enemies life..
i dont care what u wanna to do..who your bf..what gonna happen to your life,..
i never wanna to know it so dont disturd my life
*i know sometimes i know i make other people get angry with my talk,my life..
im sory..every human make mistake ok,,
*gedik?? ouh mybe not my style..but what cant i do im juz a little girls who has this feeling..
p/s ko gedik xpe pulak..
*dont care about my life,,its not yours,,jge tepi kain masing2 lhaa..
behave by yourself then look your self at mirrorr..ehmm perfect or not?? only u know about this matter
*watchout your talking ok..
this arcticle juz wanna be fun2..TIDAK ADA KENA MENGENA DENGAN YG HIDUP ATAU YG SUDAH MATI >.<

what the hell???
what going now??
what is the matter..??
hahaha so many what lha..
see that??
if will happen when u doesnt hear what WHAT YOUR MOM'S SAYS
this picture special for my noty younger brother..
"2 lha along dah kate hang ta dengar kn da jdi gniey"
so hurt right??
he fall then his leg get over on the steel in front my house
i juz wanna to says LOSER!!

so no talk about me!!

-->my full name is NURHIDAYAH SHARUDDIN rememb that! if not i'll kick u..haha
--> im PMR CANDIDATE so my age is young right..
-->live in kuantan..(kuantan bndar lestari)
--> but my hometown at johore n perak..
-->like eat chocolate so much <3
-->like to follow anyone in blogger..even i not know who they are..
-->hate HACKER SO MUCH b'coz this shit hacker i lose my FACEBOOK
nevermind i can do new account lha sengal!
-->school at smk BUKIT GOH,,dont know this school of course lha this school is so famous until u all didnt know it,,hahaha
-->i like behave in loving ways..why?? becoz im caring person..
--> dislike cats,,u know what cats make me haaaacheemmm! (bersin lha)
-->im the eldest in my family but im the younger baby sister in my siblings and also im 'ANAK MAMA'
-->like to update blogger as many as i wanted..
--> didnt like tp reading but i like read love novels..y?? coz im THE LOVE HUNTER
* so much ex bofie but i have one bofie only his name is IRFAN. rememb that!!(dah brpunyer,,coey)
-->like mkn asam pedas but ta suke law pedas sgt..
--> im like make many friends and dislike make enemies..

THAT ALLS achievment..
*bad attidude in school
* like to make many people hurt with my word
*try to be GANGSTER but im juz sweet girl hahaha
*cheer girls not mature but try to be mature..
*always try to give all my best in school(sekurang2nyer aq cube kn?)

that alls

so haha..lame giler na tnggu aq cite sal LIFE AQ kn..hahaa
:: myLIFEtoday::

*pnt speaking na ckp in BAHASA  lerr

ok arini aq ok..cume aq bengang lha cket an fb aq,,MY FB BECAME THE HACKER VICTIM
ermm na wt guane an,,redha jela ^.^
aq lock fb aq n hacker uhh xleyh na log in my fb..
nasib bek lah ekk..
aq ta kessa own na hacker er apeew er
im juz worry if the hacker update nonsense status in my fb..
itu akn wt malu aq jer..
xg skool own arini
coz aq dah merdeka,,,
exam da abes
lega ase
smlm abes..
sharp at 3.50 p.m aq pun melaungkn MERDEKA!
haha semangt doe.
esok g kut
na lepak an mmebr2..
na snap pic skali law leyh r..
law diizinkn ler...

2 jer cite aq xbyk pun...

::yOU reAD LIKE You CaRE aBouT ME::

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