REDHAA DGNN APA YGG TERJADI,,aku terimaa semua ini dgnn hati ygg ikhlass sygg..
deayaᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ◕‿◕: 07.11

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

mak andam trlampau!!!!!

haaaa,,,ney lah model aquhh,,kn aquh ckp smlm aq masok prtndingan BUSANA MUSLIMAH,,huhu,,oke x aquhh operate mke mmber aquhh,,hahaha,,len doe mke dy,,trpeanjat bubui.,hahaha,,epy laa coz aquh dpt makeup muke mmber aq,,aquh mang ckew touch up 2x neyhh,,msng hobi aquhh larr,,pnt jgak jdi mk andam ta brtauliah neyhh,,hahaha,,aquh epy gler xd,gabra gak coz mk andam kne naek pntas an model sndri,,aq segan doe,,huhu,,minx laa menang law ta mnang pown tape ,,na wt cmne an,,tade rezeki latoo....nah aquh upload lagi pic2 semasa PERTANDINGAN BUSANA MUSLIMAH --> SMK BUKIT GOH,,20.7.2011


mAk andaM DAn anaK ANDAm,,hahahah >.<

                               so wut!!!!!!!
huhu,,jadi gak aq makeup wan hanisah neyhh,,


tutup cite sal tuu,,skunk aquh na cite perw yg happen last night wit ma bubu
u knows he(ma prince charming) wanna breaks wit me,,OMG!!,,i never think that he could says like that at me,,so sad,,im cry like rain weyhh,,,sdeyh cgt,,cdeyh glerr..,,aq nanges pai 1 jam jgak laa,,selok la nanges nyer,,i never thought our love willl end like that,,so,,,i juz cry n cry,,never stop,,until la i slept,,patuw aq trjage,,
aq kol dy smule,,dy ckp bateri dy da low,,so aq mcj an dy,,aq mrayu an dy tamau ptoz,,n i promise wit him yg aq akn study dluw pai aq lulus pmr taon neyhh,,,so dy ta jdi na ptoz an aquhh,,dy ckp mang dy tamau ptoz pown,,p dy trpkse demi plajaran aquhh,,aquh phm p jgn la ptoz,,aq takowt dy criw org laen aq epy balikk,,mate aq sembab gler coz nanges selok cgt,,p aquhh epy coz aq an dy still kape,,i lup u bubu,,ilysm

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Thursday, July 14, 2011


aq giler btol la lguw goodbye baby..
sdp weyhh
n aq skew dy pnyew band name]
soo sweeeet..
mang minat larh,,,esh nah tgk picca depa2,,,

waaaa so sweetsume ensem2....

aq skew giler la an hmc band neyhhh!!!!!!! caiyokkkk

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

some tips,,,,hooo

You can dye your hair blonde, red, or brown if you want to. Or, you can keep your beautiful hair color.

Always wear jewelry, it has to be cute.

Get a Manicure and Pedicure. It doesn't have to be french, some barbies have white, blue and pink block color nails!

Your clothes don't have to be expensive to become a Barbie girl, they just have to look great; this means be neat, ironed, clean, fit well and well coordinated.

When talking to people, try to refer to yourself as a Barbie doll and try be perfect. Stand straight and carry cute accessories. Smile a lot.

Barbie is somewhat of a male fantasy, but males know no one looks like that for real, so if you want a Ken, please choose carefully.

You can have a boyfriend or husband who may be like Ken.

You can be driving a brand new hot pink convertible to pull the whole Barbie thing off.
say the word totally when something is good.
Be self-confident!

Keep yourself clean. Inside and out. Barbie is a role model, you don't ever see a barbie with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, or drunk out of her head, or even swearing. AT ALL. Obviously we are human and allowed the odd drink, or bad word (but most of the time swearing is most unacceptable)

If your stuck for ideas, Legally Blonde's 'Elle Woods' is great at the whole 'Barbie' Thing

::yOU reAD LIKE You CaRE aBouT ME::

how 2 be like barbie doll

1. Practice good hygiene. Brush your teeth and tongue twice per day; also, take a bath/shower once a day, every day! Always wash your face.
2. Take extra care of your hair. It needs to stay clean and neat always. Lots of body and shine are a must. But remember it cannot be a greasy shine. If you have curls, have a good style with curls. You will look good. For best results, dye your blonde if you're not naturally blonde (though this isn't required).
3. Don't forget to put on lotion! Barbie may be plastic, but remember that's what makes her perfect. She has even, unblemished skin. So don't forget to apply daily, probably several times a day unless you are also plastic.
4. Makeup Wear makeup correctly. Remember she wears mostly eye shadow, mascara, and blush. Remember to set your face with a translucent powder.

Brighten your eyes by applying white eyeliner in your water line. Wear feminine eyehshadow colours like pink, light blue, purple, ect. Mascara is key to the Barbie look as well, apply fake eyelashes if you want to. Eyeliner is purely optional. Just remember to never get stuck in the black eyeliner rut; experiment with colors. Navy blue looks amazing with any skin tone.
Barbie also has a tiny nose so apply a neutral brown colour and lightly run the brush along the sides of your nose, get rid of the hard edges with a fan brush.
For your lips apply a good moisturizing lip balm, then proceed to apply a pink lipstick or lipgloss, once you have done this, get your concealer and using a brush make perfect shaped lips, outline your lips in concealer, the more hard edge the better and accentuate the cupids bow, blend the concealer in.
Barbie also had a brand at Mac—these products as they are specifically in barbie shades and colours and come in cute packaging.
Even out your skin with a nice foundation. Flawless skin is a must!
True Barbie girls never forget blush! Make sure its a natural color (pinks, reds, maroons); Bronzes, browns, and golds always look good on black skin tones and make fairer skin look tan. Soft sultry full lips pull the look altogether.
5. Do your nails. Use fake nails, gels, acrylics or if your nails are long enough get a french manicure, otherwise paint your nails pink! A baby pink is a great look.
6 Have charisma. Barbie isn't a bitch, she is friendly, sets goals, is compassionate, kind and caring. Personality is the key to success if you want to be like Barbie. Make Conversation, SMILE :), Compliment and have CONFIDENCE in your self, confidence can be displayed by the way you talk, walk or appear, don't let people be fooled by you. Maintain great posture as well!
Work out. Barbie has been a tennis player, Olympic star, Baywatch babe, and an ice skater. She's physically fit & you can be too! Not saying that you must become a body builder, but nicely toned legs add bonus points. Barbie is super skinny, however this is not the most important aspect of her. Confidence is key; a barbie should be confident with her body.
7. Get some fashion sense. Be stylish! Skirts, dresses and jackets: look at the magazine Seventeen, Elle Girl, & Cosmo Girl for inspiration. Create a stylish girly dress code to follow that includes a lot of pink (& other feminine colors), flirty skirts, heels, & accessories. Avoid wearing too many dark colors.
8. Wear accessories. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, as long as it's cute, pink, girly and plastic!
9. Be outgoing and flirty! Barbie has no fear of going out and talking to people. Get more friends!
10. Have self esteem! Barbie is a confident young lady. Have faith in yourself, yet do not become a cocky witch. Treat others how you want to be treated, and keep smiling.
11. Keep Yourself Occupied. Make sure you always have something to do! Make plans with friends so when people ask you if you did anything interesting over the weekend, you can tell them what you have done and sound more interesting! Also, being busy with actual activities makes you less beholden to the emptiness of a life driven by fashion or other "poverties of ambition" much maligned by today's political power-brokers.
12. Remember your values. The most important thing is to be yourself, feel good and happy, and not trying to be something or someone that you are not.

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giler,,,terkjut boboy.hahaha
xd aq nyaris2 na trkantoi an ckgu mazu yg aq pkay lens
aq mang pkay lens xd
p skjap jepp
xd yer dtg klaz aq n criw spew pkay lens
keto2 pale aq taw,,takowt la ugok
p aq trlepas]
emey yg ngaku,,dy pkay gak
trlps cmtoo jep aq.bersyukurrrr.............

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

why must someone disturd ma life!!!!!?????

ma life always has prod..
i dont know why..maybe this is my life challenge ..
aq slalu de enemy..
pai mmber sndri mnjdi sebhgian enemys aq,,
molek2 baek,,dah gdoh sbb kes bf,,
ehmm begitulah idop ini,,
ta lps dari kslapan dan bermusuh,,
p yg aq geram,,
npe ble da gdoh,,
dy still da gnggu n pduli sal ma life,,
suda2 la wey,,aq ta kcow idop kowang,
kowang jgn la gatal2 na disturd ma life,,so suck laa
ini laa org yg  pkran cetek
aq na wt apew2 pown ta nyusoh ker idop depa pown
cikit pown ta gne duet depa
n i never,never susuhkn idop kowang  ble aq na buat sesuatu
this is ma life,,soo sesuke aty aq laa wei!!
go to hell laa korang neyhh
i never thought ma life became like this..oh soo suck
but what can i say..
juz can say
dugaan >.<
p walaupown depa tamau kwn an aq n anggap aq musuh depa
i wiill never lets ma life pass away n destroyed like rubbish
i must be enjoy n nikmati ma life witout thinkk about them..
go to hell beb!!!

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live,laugh and love..

hmm tajuk bace tajuk mesty ta paam an,,
meh na cite cket,,this IS my prinsip,laugh n love,,
ok,bgiw aq live neyhh mksod dy khidupan laa,huhu,,
bia pown susa,bio pown berat dugaan 2 kite kne tros kn LIVE jgak
agree wit me x??? p from my pgalamn laa..
mcm kite2,(remaje) neyh sering putus ase law de msalah
(aq gtuwh gak,,kuikui)ptuw ork msty na mrh owg yg ta brslh,,mympah btol owg cmtoo,,aq da byk
jpew owg prangai cmneyh,,(org yg my bubu la)ptuw ble owg tnye de msalah er??
dy jwb r,,tapela law cite bkn leyh tlg pown
mmg!!! ta leyh tlg p sekurang2 nyer aq dpt tlg qa release tension,,neyh close minded punyr owg...
tgk cm aq,,de msalah pown ta libat kn cpew2 pown
de msalah,tanggung la sndri
ataw wt tataw jep
p law de msalh an dwet,,usehe la cket,,krje bia kuat...2 sume dugaan..
now lets talk about LAUGH!!
laugh --> ktawe
ktawe mang hobi da dok an emey an ela(bes friend aq)
kompem sokmo kering gusi
depa la tmpt aq release ase tenang ble aq hangout an dape uhh..
idop aq mang dpenuhi an dugaan p aq tenang jep
wt bodo leyh settle..settle leklok
law ta leyh na settle..dok diam2,,wt bodo jep..
now LOVE!!!
da byk wt aq merana
p aq ttp na brcinte,,pelik kn,,begitu lah mnusia
ta serik2
cinte laa da byk merubah dan mematangkan aq
mcm cinte aq terime
 berakhir cmtoo jep
ade berkhir scare aman dan ade yg scare brmusuhan
p aq ta kesa sume uhh
aq mang suke wt msalah
 p aq arap cinte aq an bubu aq berkekalan laa
da byk kaly kcundang neyhh
asyik kape ptoz n then kape alik
huh,,pnat,, aq kpe gakk
my last word:
i LOVE ma mama
i LOVE ma ayh
i LOVE ma bubu
i LOVE my LIFE...

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